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Wo we are: Board of Directors
Evelin G. Lindner (Founder)
Donald C. Klein
Linda M. Hartling
Richard Slaven (Director of Dignifunding)
Anne Wyatt-Brown
Bertram Wyatt-Brown
Ulrich Spalthoff
Eric Van Grasdorff
Victoria C. Fontan
Maggie O'Neill
Grace Feuerverger
Arie Nadler
Michael Britton

Who we are: Global Advisory Board
Global Advisory Board

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Global Core Team
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Research Team
Global Dignity & Humiliation Assessment Team
Research Projects
Research Agenda
Research Questions

Research Methods
Research Reflections

Appreciative Enquiry
What Has Been Done?

Education   - World Dignity University Initiative


World Dignity University - Description

Education Team
Founding Members of the World Dignity University Initiative

Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Sustainable Post-Disaster Reconstruction

"Humiliation in the Academic Setting": A Special Symposium Issue (2008)
Global Education Fund
Syllabus Example
Teaching Done So Far by HumanDHS Members

Intervention   - Ideas for Action


Projects Addressing Broad Concepts
A Moratorium on Humiliation
Human Security and Equal Dignity
Human Rights and Equal Dignity

Public Policy for Equal Dignity

Millennium Goals

World Law for Equal Dignity

A Decent Global Society
World Democracy for Equal Dignity
Global Ethics for Equal Dignity
Diversity Within Unity
From Social Exclusion to Equal Dignity
World Religions for Equal Dignity

World Leadership for Equal Dignity

World Business for Equal Dignity

Dignity Beyond the Human World

World Environment for Equal Dignity

World Health for Equal Dignity
World Gender Relations for Equal Dignity
Relations with Young and Old for Equal Dignity
Children and Equal Dignity
Dignity for Persons with Disabilities

Projects Addressing Special Areas
World Art for Equal Dignity
Performing Arts for Equal Dignity
World Photography for Equal Dignity
World Clothes for Equal Dignity
World Architecture for Equal Dignity
World Furniture for Equal Dignity
The Office Cockpit
World Design for Equal Dignity
World Literature for Equal Dignity
World Music for Equal Dignity
World Film for Equal Dignity
World Theatre for Equal Dignity
World Journalism for Equal Dignity
World Language for Equal Dignity
Cross-Cultural Linguistics for Equal Dignity
Communication Skills for Equal Dignity
Education and Equal Dignity
World Soap for Equal Dignity
World Games for Equal Dignity
World Relationships for Equal Dignity
World Dialogue for Equal Dignity
World Apology for Equal Dignity
Stop Hazing and Bullying
Stop Abuse
Prevent Suicide by Extending Equal Dignity to All
World Therapy for Equal Dignity

Conceptualizing Humiliation and Dignity
The Concept of Humiliation
Global Identity and Equal Dignity
Equal Dignity and Purity for All
Creativity Through Equal Dignity

Targeted Projects
One Laptop Per Child
United Nations for Equal Dignity
World University for Equal Dignity
Human Dignity Balkan Network
Japan for Equal Dignity
Elites for Equal Dignity
Dialogue Homes for Equal Dignity
Family and Community for Equal Dignity
Microfinancing Projects
Parents Union
Child Soldiers Worldwide
Non-arrogant Elite Women Network
Professors without Borders
Jerusalem Peace Capital of the World
Big Events for Equal Dignity
Declarations and Campaigns for Equal Dignity
Passages to Equal Dignity
Vegetarianism and Equal Dignity for All



Books & Special Issues
Scholarly Papers by Advisory Board Members
Scholarly Papers by Global Directors & Core Team Members
Student Papers
Guest Contributions
Special Issue of Social Alternatives, 2006: Humiliation and History in Global Perspectives
Journal of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
Edited Books: Violent Conflict and Humiliation

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