Ulrich Spalthoff , Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.)
Director of Project Development and System Administration

Life & Work

Ulrich J. Spalthoff, Ph.D., is the Director of Operations of Dignity Press. He most generously offers his time and energy as a gift.
He is also HumanDHS Director of Project Development and System Administration, and also a Member of the HumanDHS Board of Directors, HumanDHS Global Advisory Board, the HumanDHS Global Education Team, the HumanDHS Global Core Team, and the HumanDHS Global Coordinating Team. He is, furthermore, the Coordinator of the HumanDHS One Laptop Per Child project.

Uli Spalthoff has studied chemistry in Mainz and Münster, Germany. After some years in industrial research on optical communication technologies, he held various positions dealing with marketing, quality management, technology strategy, and innovation management at Alcatel-Lucent in Germany and France. As Director of Advanced Technologies, he worked with a truly global team, mentoring start-ups and consulting high-tech companies in IT, telecommunication and semiconductor industries from countries all over the world. Being interested in a broad range of professional fields and diverse social contexts, he has acquired expertise in a large range of technical, economic, and social areas.

After his retirement, he still wants to nurture more innovative ideas to shape our future. In 2021, he wrote: "I regard the concept of human dignity as a most valuable tool for organizing our societies. After retiring from a technical career I am happy to explore this and to learn more ways how people can work for a dignified common future. Currently I am working with Dignity Press, publishing books covering a wide range of themes connected with human dignity."

Uli is married to Brigitte Volz, a teacher with a strong therapeutic and psychological background, and also an artist who creates sculptures.

Please see:

• Introducing the WDUi Electronic Learning Platform (Video), contribution to the First World Dignity University Initiative Workshop, titled "For People and the Planet: Learning for a Future of Dignity," hosted online on December 9, 2022, representing the 19th Annual Workshop co-hosted by Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution at Teachers College, Columbia University.

My Experience with the WDU Platform (Video), contribution to Dignilogue 4 on Day Two of the 2021 Workshop on Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict, Virtual at Columbia University, New York City, December 9 – 10, 2021.

Ulrich Spalthoff, co-authored with Linda M. Hartling, Evelin G. Lindner, and Michael Britton (2013)
International Day of Democracy: The Contribution of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Network (see also here, listen to Evelin Lindner reading the article)
In Global Education Magazine, Nr. 5, Special Issue, "International Day of Democracy," 2013 (ISSN 1155 - 033X), invited by Javier Collado, Director of Edition of Global Education Magazine, a humanistic and educational magazine supported by the Regional Office of Latinamerica and the Caribbean of UNESCO and UNHCR. The initiative started after the most voted proposal on Rio+20. The Global Education Magazine promotes complex thinking as a way to achieve a holistic understanding of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations (MDG) by the world-society, creating a horizontal dissemination of the knowledge, where teachers, Nobel Prizes, volunteers, UN workers, students, etc. could share their reflections in a common space. See their academical philosophy, ISSN 2255-033X.

• Ulrich Spalthoff, co-authored with Linda M. Hartling, Evelin G. Lindner, and Michael Britton (2013)
Beyond Humiliation: Toward Learning That Dignifies the Lives of All People
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Ulrich Spalthoff, co-authored with Linda M. Hartling, Evelin G. Lindner, and Michael Britton (2013)
Humiliation: A Nuclear Bomb of Emotions?
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This is a monograph on political psychology in Europe, compiled by J. Francisco Morales, monograph coordinator, and Adela Garzón, main editor of Psicología Política.

Ulrich Spalthoff: Summary of my activities 2012, HumanDHS board meeting December 5, 2012.

Ulrich Spalthoff, co-authored with Linda M. Hartling and Evelin G. Lindner (2011)
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Advancing Dignity via the OLPC Project, presentation given at the 15th Annual Conference of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies "Peace at Home, Peace in the World," in Istanbul, Turkey, 28th - 30th April 2010.