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The research branch of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS) aims to increase our understanding of the nature of the humiliation dynamic, destructive outcomes resulting from humiliating strategies and tactics, and factors contributing to its use in international affairs.

We wish to encourage and carry out research that increases our awareness of, and our insights into the traps of humiliation, insights that subsequently give us tools to make societies, both globally and locally, more just and peaceful.

The field of dignity/humiliation research is novel and a larger body of research has still to be built. Our aim is to avoid single interest scholarship, work transdisciplinary, and probe how even local micro-changes may be embedded within larger global changes. In our meetings we aim at creating a humiliation-free, collaborative learning environment characterized by mutual respect, mutual empathy, and openness to difference. The perspective of "appreciative enquiry" is a useful frame of our work. It lies in the nature of our work that this website will never be "finished."

Please note: The views expressed on this website, as in any of the HumanDHS publications, do not represent any official HumanDHS position. All HumanDHS publications present the views and research findings of the individual authors, with the aim of promoting the development of ideas and discussion about major concerns of human dignity and humiliation studies and related fields.

•  Inviting scholars to join research
•  Writing books and articles
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Inviting scholars to join research

Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies invites students and researchers from all academic fields and from around the world to join in with research on questions such as:

For a more details, please see our projects and read our research agenda.

Please see also our World Dignity University initiative:
Global interdependence forces humankind to face its global challenges, both ecological and social, as a shared responsibility that has to be shouldered jointly. The consequences of global interdependence will punish all, if we try to preserve a conceptualization of the world as entailing independent national entities that can survive as isolated "islands."
Our aim is therefore to invite academics around the world into the notion that academics around the world carry a joint responsibility to lead the world away from deepening divides that might cost us our survival in times when only global cooperation can address the global problems that we have.
Why is there not a World University dedicated to the human rights ideal that all humans deserve to live dignified lives? Such a World University should exist, and, ideally, connect all national universities. Academic freedom ought to be exercised globally and not harnessed into national interests.



Writing books and articles

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Organizing meetings

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Possible Affiliations for Research

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