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The passing of Evelin's father dominated the year 2022 for her.

37th Annual Conference of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, in Amman, Jordan
'From United Nations to United People: From the Brink of Disaster to a Future of Dignity'
organised by the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies with the World Dignity University Initiative under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal
5th – 7th September 2022

Public Opening Event:
Inspirational Key Talk by His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan
5th September 2022
Venue: Landmark Amman Hotel & Conference Center, Al Hussein Bin Ali Street, Amman

The Jordan Times article (Pdf)

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Workshop Part with Dignilogues
5th – 7th September 2022
Day One

1st September 2022
Thank you so much, dearest Helen, for this lovely dress! And thank you, dearest wonderful new friends at the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies (RIIFS) for your loving care!

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31st August 2022
Visiting the Gallery Guest House, Omar Al Khayyam 28, Amman, Jordan, in preparation for our 37th Annual Conference of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies 'From United Nations to United People: From the Brink of Disaster to a Future of Dignity' in Amman and online 5th – 7th September 2022

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31st August 2022
My dear near friends, the brilliant interns at the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies (RIIFS), Lydia and Lukas!

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30th August 2022
What a privilege for me to meet for the first time the team at the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies (RIIFS)!
Sandy, Zain, Adnan, Majdi, and Mutiya!

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August 2022 in preparation for 22nd Novembre 2022
Congrès à Paris
convoquée par L'Association Parole d’Enfants
Dans nos pratiques professionnelles, l’accent est rarement mis sur cette dimension particulière de la violence. Souvent, nous soulignons et essayons de traiter les traumatismes, la violence physique, sexuelle, psychologique, nous mettons en lumière les situations de négligence … L’humiliation, quant à...
Avec Catherine DENIS, Catherine GUEGUEN, Stéphanie HAXHE, Florence CALICIS, Serge ESCOTS, Marie-Rose MORO, Arnaud ZARBO, Olivier ABEL, Jean-Claude MéTRAUX, Daniel FAULX, Evelin LINDNER, Dominique GOBLET...

L'Association Parole d’Enfants
Association fondée en 1996, Parole d'Enfants développe différents pôles d'activités en faveur de l'enfance en danger : recherches-actions, formations des professionnels de la relation d'aide, sensibilisation du grand public et publications d'ouvrages spécialisés.

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7th July 2022
Linda Hartling and Evelin Lindner on Metta Spencer's Talk Show, Episode 473 (see also Evelin's YouTube)
Metta Spencer (born August 29, 1931) is a Canadian sociologist, writer, peace researcher, and activist. Professor Spencer is a semi-retired sociology professor and runs Peace Magazine and Project Save the World. Peace Magazine is a magazine (published quarterly) which focuses on global affairs and peace-related work. Project Save the World examines the interconnected nature of mass casualties, disasters, threats, etc.
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28th June 2022
Winning the Human Race Against Time: A Conversation with HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan
Wilson Center, Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ET

West Asia-North Africa is in a race against time. Within the next thirty years, increasing air pollution and climate change-induced heatwaves and droughts will push the region closer to uninhabitability, triggering unprecedented levels of human insecurity and large-scale displacement. In the face of rapid environmental degradation and intractable conflicts, the pursuit of a dignity-based approach to security becomes vital. Wilson Center President & CEO Ambassador Mark Green spoke with HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan about pressing climate change concerns in the region and need to implement a 'human dignity' approach to solutions.

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22nd June 2022
Colloquium: From Humiliation to Dignity: Research Since 1997 at the Department of Psychology
Time and place: June 22, 2022 13:30–15:00, room S328 (south wing, third floor, room 28), Department of Psychology at the University of Oslo, Norway, Harald Schjelderups hus, Forskningsveien 3A, 0373 Oslo (UiO announcement | CC invitation | Zoom recording)

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20th–22nd June 2022
NORA (Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research) Conference 2022
Centre for Gender Research and Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway
'Nordic feminist and gender research has gone through significant developments in its relatively short life. From Nordic Summer Schools and interdisciplinary research and teaching networks in the 1970s and 1980s, across the institutionalisation of women and gender studies in the 1990s, to the expansion into a wide range of subfields in the 2000s. These subfields are committed to diverging epistemic-ontological orientations, themes and political projects/visions, and express increasing perceptions of gender studies as trans- or post disciplinary. Nordic feminist and gender research develop in and through dialogues between different subfields and orientations'... [read more]

Read also:
NORA Conference illustrates the breadth of Nordic gender research
The NORA Conference 2022 was held from the 20th to the 22nd of June in Oslo. With over 200 participants, the conference was an excellent chance to gain an overview of what is happening within Nordic feminist and gender research.

21st June 2002
17.00-20.00 Conference reception in the Town Hall of Oslo

I participated in:
A Gendered Nordic Model of Security Work? part II
Chair/organizer: Alma Persson and Sanna Strand
x Alma Persson: One of the boys? Gender relations and the spatial organizing of military work
x Brita Bjørkelo, Johanna Hjertquist, Tatanya Ducran Valland, Tanja Nordberg, Pål Winnæss & Marie-Louise Damen: The need to belong: at work
x Jennie Brandén: In the name of safety: unpacking the governmentalities of local safety practices in Sweden

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16th June 2022
Standing up to autocracy
An international seminar on Europe's alternative futures.
Time and place: June 16, 2022 10:00 AM–12:15 PM, Kjerka, 2nd floor of Domus Media, Karl Johans gate 47, Oslo, Norway
Convended by Nina Witoszek from the Arne Naess Programme on Global Justice and the Environment, SUM, UiO, with a keynote lecture by Roger Griffin, international expert of fascist and terrorist movements, Oxford Brookes University, titled 'The Fog of Peace: How Revisioning the Threats to European Democracy Can Lead to its Renewal'.
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9th June 2022
Konferanse om skeiv og rasistisk diskriminering av helsepersonell
Event by PUG - Psykologistudenter Uten Grenser - Oslo

Dear Leoul Mekonen, thank you so much for our wonderful meeting on 17th June in Nydalen, at RBUP - Regionsenter for barn og unges psykiske helse - øst og sør !

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2nd June 2022
Colloquium with Alan Page Fiske, psychological anthropologist from UCLA, presenting his work in progress on moral attributions for misfortune,
Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Norway, 15-16:30, HSH, V317,
convened by Thomas Schubert, professor at the Department of Psychology, heading the project 'Being moved: A social-relational emotion'.
Thomas Schubert explains that Alan Page Fiske 'has developed Relational Models Theory and written numerous books and articles on social relations, violence, and recently kama muta'.

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2nd June 2022
Nora Sveaass
'Psychological Reactions to War and Trauma: A webinar for psychologists, psychology students and other helpers'
Psykologisk institutts samarbeidsprosjekt med et ukrainsk og polsk universitet skal gi hjelpearbeidere verktøy for hvordan å støtte en krigsrammet befolkning, forteller førsteamanuensis Sigrun Marie Moss ved PSI.

Se også:
Webinar om ukrainske krigstraumer utsatt for trolling:
– De ropte «Putin er nummer én»
Norske, ukrainske og polske psykologer samarbeider for å hjelpe dem som er utsatt for krigstraumer.
I slutten av mai ble webinaret deres sabotert av russisk-vennlige troll.
Mer om denne saken
Kilde: Uniforum
Intervjuet: Førsteamanuensis Sigrun Marie Moss

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29th May 2022
Unity in Humanity? Where Two Hands Meet
The Beshara 50th Anniversary Lecture of the Beshara Trust
Given by His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan
Introduced and chaired by Hugh Tollemache
Delivered online from London on 29th May 2022

'Love can only consist in failure on the fallacious assumption that it is a relationship. It is not. It is a realisation of truth'. (Alain Badiou)
Truth should be adhered to in presenting historical facts, while at the same time concentrating on the values of love, peace and respect, so that we can raise a generation that believes in coexistence with others and respect of their values. This is a project that requires our concerted efforts in order to contribute to the making of our history based on dialogue, cooperation and integration, rather than on conflict and clashes.

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16th May 2022
The Human Climate: Carol Smaldino with Guest Evelin Lindner and Linda Hartling
Premiere May 16, 2022 (recorded on October 26, 2021)
Watch Carol Smaldino’s The Human Climate on Youtube
Listen to Carol Smaldino's The Human Climate on Apple Podcasts
Listen to Carol Smaldino’s The Human Climate on Google Podcasts
Listen to Carol Smaldino’s The Human Climate on Spotify
Carol Smaldino's The Human Climate: "The human climate as I see it is the human atmosphere in which we live: the ways we solve or don’t solve, the host of problems in our midst. Emotions, I saw (as I wrote my own book The Human Climate: Facing the Divisions Inside Us and Between Us, 2018) were driving our actions and decisions. They were pushing us to extremes, and they were also often obliterating the capacity to think or care. Carl Jung’s theory of the shadow: Emotions we hide, out of our own dread and shame, become the stuff of projection onto others, either demonizing and degrading them or putting them on pedestals. Or instead those hidden feelings could push us to explode or implode, sinking us into psychological dirt. Yet still they could render us numb and detached. The situation might well stay wretched if we can’t get a handle on the deep feelings that might just keep us divided and paralyzed to the point that we remain unable to heal the divides, or to manage the resolution to fight for social and economic justice and against climate change."

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21th April 2022
15th Annual Psychology Day at the United Nations
Building Hope: Psychological Contributions to a Roadmap for Climate Action

Climate change is the biggest collective action challenge facing our generation. Its impacts are already being observed : temperatures are rising, drought and wildfires occur more frequently, rainfall patterns are shifting, glaciers and snow are melting, and the global mean sea level is rising [read more]

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12th April 2022
'How Female is Diplomacy?': 22nd Network Consolidation Programme on Female Diplomacy
Foreign Service Academy, Training for International Diplomats
Hybrid event at the Federal Foreign Office 11013
Berlin Germany
Commitment of the SPD, Greens and FDP in the German coalition agreement of 2021: “Together with our partners, we want to strengthen the rights, resources and representation of women and girls worldwide and promote social diversity in the spirit of a feminist foreign policy. We want to appoint more women to international leadership positions and ambitiously implement and further develop the National Action Plan of UN Resolution 1325”

Session 5, 12/04/2022 – Change on the Grassroot Level
• Sanam Naraghi Anderlini, MBE, Founder & CEO of International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN)
• Evelin Lindner, Founding President of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies and Co-founder of the World Dignity University initiative (WDU)
•  Juliana Hernández de la Torre, Feminista. Directora Ejecutiva de Artemisas, coordinadora de la campaña PARIDAD YA, de la Red Nacional de Incidencia Política Nosotras Ahora, y co-coordinadora de la Red de Innovación Política de América Latina

Questions formulated by Marleen Ziegs:
How do you view the representation of women in the field you are closest to you? If the representation is not satisfactory, what can be done to enhance it?
How can we promote and encourage women?
What has to be done on the grassroot level?
How can civil society actors contribute?
What are your visions for the advancement of women?
How are you contributing to advancing gender equality?
What were some of the stereotypes you faced as a woman in your career and how did you challenge them?
A Feminist Foreign Policy does not only mean a quantitative increase of women in (foreign) policy, but also has a qualitative dimension. Can you say something about that?
And why is it called a “feminist” foreign policy and not a “humanist” instead. What is your take on that?
How do you think patriarchal structures influence your work? What can be done to identify and dismantle them?
How does the implementation of a FFP in certain countries impact your work?
What normative and structural conditions need to be in place to accelerate the promotion of gender equality and women's empowerment worldwide?
What is your self-care routine?

Since 1992 the Federal Foreign Office has been offering young diplomats from all over the world the chance to improve their professional skills under the motto 'Diplomacy by Networking'. While initially providing support for the rebuilding of young democracies in Central and Eastern Europe, the international programmes of the Federal Foreign Office have since then continued to expand with growing success. By now, the Federal Foreign Office's Foreign Service Academy brings together young diplomats from around the world in Berlin. The aim of this training initiative is to perceive foreign policy as an opportunity for cooperation and as a basis upon which to build the foundation for a working partnership on global matters. This investment not only helps secure future dialogue, peace and human rights, but also lays the foundation for a worldwide network.

The War on Ukraine: Time for a Feminist Foreign Policy? by Eirliani ('Lin') Abdul Rahman, A Harvard Kennedy School Student Publication, 8th March 2022: ...suppose we could reimagine a world where we stop looking at security from a militarized lens. Instead, women, children and the most vulnerable in society are central to decision-making and their needs accounted for in every aspect of policy-making. This approach, called feminist foreign policy (FFP), may hold the key to getting to the roots of conflicts and challenging the current neoliberal underpinnings of international political discourse. The stark difference between realpolitik and the FFP as frameworks is that the latter brings the welfare of the vulnerable to the fore.
See also Feminist Foreign Policy, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

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4th April 2022
Zoom meeting in front of the work of Yoshida Kenji
Thank you so much, dear Uli Spalthoff, for making us aware of Kenji's art!
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28th March 2022
Syrian Refugee Women Navigating Work in Protracted Crisis
hosted by Columbia Global Centers Amman
For many Syrian refugee women and female heads of households, life is a daily struggle. They are impacted by unemployment and their participation in the labor market is low. For those who have managed to secure non-formal employment, many are struggling to maintain a source of income, particularly since the pandemic.

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7th March 2022
Hva nå, Ukraina? Psykologiske perspektiver på krigen og krisen i øst
Åpent seminar ved Psykologisk institutt

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26th February 2022
Human Dignity and Humiliation Dialogue: An Interdisciplinary Seminar
Evelin Lindner, PhDs, MD, and Linda Hartling, PhD, WISR Faculty
10 am to 12 pm Pacific Time
through the Western Institute for Social Research
in cooperation with the World Dignity University initiative

***Course Description***
We are in an era where more and more people live in “echo chambers,” in “bubbles,” and the “walls” of these bubbles get ever thicker, harder, and less permeable. As these walls harden, as the confrontation between “us” and “the” becomes less forgiving, cycles of tit-for-tat humiliation are set in motion that become ever more intense and dangerous. Moreover, “Hitlers” of this world grasp this situation as an opportunity to sow even more hatred and instigate even more conflict.
This seminar will examine the cycles of humiliation and systemic humiliation that have risen to new levels today. Clashes of civilisations are harmless compared with clashes of humiliation, because humiliation closes doors for cooperation that otherwise would stay open. In the absence of visionary leadership of the calibre of a Nelson Mandela, cycles of humiliation have the power to turn our relationships, our communities, and the global village into war zones.
Humanity faces enormous global threats — from the destruction of our ecospheres to the degradation of our sociospheres — and we must learn to cooperate locally and globally if we want to address these challenges. For meaningful cooperation to emerge and succeed, there is nothing more important than halting and preventing cycles of humiliation and systemic humiliation.
Join us in this seminar to deepen and broaden your understanding of one the greatest obstacles to cultivating mutually dignifying collaboration in the world today. Dr. Evelin Lindner will introduce her research on the roots of humiliation through a video presentation that will be followed by an opportunity to share experiences and engage in dialogue. We invite participants to join us in curiosity and reflective conversation to build ideas to strengthen constructive action in our work and in the world.

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22nd February 2022
A Year at the Helm of the United Nations in Mediation and Peacebuilding
Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser is a Qatari diplomat and the former permanent representative of Qatar
The Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies (Doha Institute, with director Sultan Barakat) in the main auditorium in the Cultural Foundation Building, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, and online.

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17th February 2022
Humiliation and Dignity, Focusing on Rwanda
Closed lecture and seminar at the University of Oslo, Department of Psychology, followed by students' presentation of group work on Rwanda and discussion. It is a privilege to be part of PSY4506 – Human Rights, Democracy and Reconstruction after Conflict: A community based approach, by Sigrun Moss, 17th February 2022, 10.15 – 14.00 (Pdf)

In June 2015, the 25th Annual Dignity Conference took place in Kigali, Rwanda.
It is a great privilege for me to be part of PSY4506 – Human Rights, Democracy and Reconstruction after Conflict; A community based approach, founded by Nora Sveaass and Inger Skjelsbæk, and now led by Sigrun Moss.
What an honour to meet wonderful students!

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Celebrating Everyone's Contribution to Our December Workshop!
Post-workshop gratitude letter sent out on February 7, 2022

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