Non-Arrogant Elite Women Network


List of people contributing to our non-arrogant elite women network

VICTORIA FIRMO-FONTAN, Director and Coordinator of our non-arrogant elite women network
Victoria Firmo-Fontan is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Peace Studies at Colgate University, NY. She lectures in conflict resolution and peace studies. Earlier, she was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Sabanci University, in Turkey. She lectured in the MA Program in Conflict Resolution and Analysis and also conducts research on conflict resolution processes and the politics of communication. She holds a PhD in Peace and Development Studies. She published various papers on multi-track diplomacy, human trafficking, the public diplomacy of armed groups and the formation of political violence in post-conflict societies. Central to her work has been a conceptualisation of post-conflict processes through the study of social, gendered, cultural, economic and political humiliation. She conducted field research in Lebanon with the Hezbollah, in Bosnia-Herzegovina on human trafficking and organised crime, and in Fallujah (post-Saddam Iraq) with emerging armed groups. She is also involved in gender training for peacekeeping operations, and has lectured to various armed forces on the subject.
Susmita is from New Delhi, India. She has a Masters in Psychology
and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Susmita has extensive research experience and has worked on an
interdisciplinary research project on the lives of individuals who
witnessed the partition of India and the violence that it entailed.
Her scholarly interests include genocide, war trauma and terrorism. She wishes to actively work in the area of trauma studies in a way that allows her to combines her psychodynamic orientation and socio-political interests.