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A Special Invitation for You!

After the Second World War, the United Nations was founded with the aspiration to avoid future wars through diplomacy and dialogue among nations. Following the Cold War, the slogan ‘peace dividend’ signaled the benefit of decreased spending on military defences in the absence of war. Where do we stand now? Perhaps the founders of the United Nations were naïve? Perhaps their goal is inherently impossible to reach? Or is it possible?

In this lecture, Dr. Lindner will draw on insights from several fields, among them psychology, political science, sociology, and anthropology, sharing insights from five decades of research and experience on all continents.

This lecture, followed by a dialogue, is open to the public, welcoming everyone, both from within the university community and those outside, who have an interest in the topic. Please see the university announcement here. A recording of the lecture will be available later.

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About the Lecturer: Evelin Lindner earned her Dr. psychol. at the Department of Psychology of the University of Oslo in 2001 with the thesis titled The Psychology of Humiliation: Somalia, Rwanda / Burundi, and Hitler's Germany. From this work, a transdisciplinary field of research and inquiry grew forth, "Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies" (HumanDHS,, as a new field of academic inquiry and as a global network of academics and practitioners.

Evelin Lindner has a dual education as a Medical Doctor and a Psychologist, with a Ph.D. in Medicine from the University in Hamburg in Germany, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Oslo.

She is the founding president of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HumanDHS), a transdisciplinary academic field and a global community of concerned academics and practitioners who wish to promote dignity and transcend humiliation around the world. She is also co-founder of the World Dignity University initiative, including Dignity Press and World Dignity University Press. All initiatives are not-for-profit efforts. Her first book, Making Enemies: Humiliation and International Conflict, was honored as 'Outstanding Academic Title' by the journal Choice in 2007. Desmond Tutu wrote the Foreword for her third book, titled Gender, Humiliation, and Global Security. Her fourth book, A Dignity Economy, came out in 2012, her fifth book, Honor, Humiliation, and Terror, in 2017, and her sixth book, From Humiliation to Dignity: For a Future of Global Solidarity, in 2023. See more on Evelin, publications on Cristin and here.

Toward a World of Dignity for All!

Evelin Lindner, MD, Ph.D.s, Founding President

Linda Hartling, Ph.D., Director

Uli Spalthoff, Ph.D., Director of Project Development and Systems Administration 

Michael Britton, Ed.D., Ph.D., Board Member 

Richard Slaven, Ph.D., Director of Dignifunding

Jane Hilken, M.A., Publication Advisor

HumanDHS Board of Directors

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