Dignity Letter — August 2022
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  • Join Us Online! Global Dignity Conference in Amman, Jordan — "From United Nations to United People"
  • DigniCommunity News — Encouraging News in Challenging Times
  • Dignity in Higher Education — The World Dignity University Initiative
  • New Dignity Press Publications — Print and Digital
  • Save These Dates: Our Annual Workshop on Transforming Humiliation and Violent Conflict
  • Dignifunding: Thanks to All Sharegivers!

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Welcome to Our Global Dignity Conference!
The time has come for a redefining of the conduct of our relations —
of our relations with one another ... and all of our relations on our planet, Earth.

Conceptual peace and cultural diversity symbol of multiracial hands making a circle together around the world the Earth globe on blue sky background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
From United Nations
to United People:
From the Brink of Disaster
to a Future of Dignity
September 5 – 7, 2022
Conceptual peace and cultural diversity symbol of multiracial hands making a circle together around the world the Earth globe on blue sky background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.
Humanity is standing on the precipice of overwhelming interconnected crises.

How our current generations respond to these crises — from novel viruses, to climate catastrophes, to water scarcities, to famine, to the current threat of nuclear war — will determine the ultimate survival of all life on the planet.

As His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal reminds us, "The time has come for redefining the conduct of our relations..."

This conference is part of our ongoing global community-building efforts bringing together educators, scholars, activists, artists, and others — from all backgrounds and all walks of life — to engage in mutually dignifying dialogue on the crucial topics of our time.

This will be a hybrid conference hosted in Amman and online via Zoom, making it possible for friends from all over the world to participate!
We are honored to be convening this event in collaboration with The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (RIIFS), under the patronage and with the participation of His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Amman, Jordan. His leadership in the world is a beacon of dignity for all of us!
Registration: There is no registration fee; if you wish to participate on Zoom, please submit your request to register here.

DigniCommunity News!
A Journey to Forgiveness:
From 9/11’s Devastation to
New Beginnings
TEDx Talk by Lyndon Harris
Lyndon Harris came kicking and screaming to the work of forgiveness. As a former priest, he had it all figured out. Until he had to forgive someone. Beginning at the foot of the besieged South Tower of the World Trade Center on the morning of 9/11, Lyndon shares the highs and the devastating lows of his journey to reclaim his life.
New Report: "Race, Power, and Peacebuilding"
Published by Peace Direct
Thanks to Gay Rosenblum-Kumar for sharing an important report from her organization, Peace Direct: "Race, Power, and Peacebuilding."

This report investigates the relationship between race and power within the peacebuilding sector and details how structural racism and global unequal power dynamics marginalize certain communities during peace efforts. It explores how peacebuilders across the world might collaborate more effectively, inclusively, and sustainably in the future.

As an adjunct to this new report, please also find Peace Direct's previous report, "It's Time to Decolonize Aid," published in 2021.
"Walking Deep Into the Indigenous Heart of East Africa
to Find the Source of Peace"
A Virtual International Exhibition
Inspiration From Peace Museums in Eastern Africa
Violence Transformed, at Northwestern University in the U.S., has created a virtual exhibition based on Sultan Somjee's epic novel One Who Dreams is Called a Prophet, as illustrated by Sadiq Somjee, and curated by Associate Professor of Art History Jonathan Shirland.
The exhibit highlights the transformative power of art, storytelling, and relational exchange to mediate and foster alternatives to violence in its myriad forms. Images in this exhibition are from two graphic novels, Alama’s Walk: The Oracle Speaks and Alama’s Walk: Healing the Earth.

Reproductive Rights Icon Bill Baird Remembers America Before Roe v. Wade
Bill Baird Interviewed by Robin Young
Celebrating His 90th Birthday!
Peter Pollard reminds us to celebrate Bill Baird's 90th birthday by listening to Bill's recent interview with Robin Young on "Here and Now," National Public Radio.

Fifty years ago, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a landmark privacy case that gave all Americans the right to access and use birth control in a case known as Eisenstadt v. Baird. The "Baird" in that case was Bill Baird. His courageous activism and concern about women's health led him to win a number of legal battles, despite at least eight arrests in five states. Nevertheless, he courageously worked to ensure access to reproductive health care for all women. We are deeply thankful that Bill and his activist/"equalist" wife, Joni Baird, joined us at our annual workshop in New York in 2019. Happy birthday, Bill!
Honoring Chief Fonkem Achankeng I
We wish to express our warmest congratulations in celebration of the upcoming twenty-fifth anniversary — October 6, 2022 — of the day that His Imperial Majesty Fonkem Achankeng I ascended to his position to lead the people of Atoabechied as their traditional ruler.

Chief Fonkem Achankeng I, known to many of us as Professor Michael Fonkem, is highly admired for his efforts to bridge Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Westernized thinking.
School Shooters: A Path From Humiliation to Gun Violence
Psychology Today Article — HumanDHS Research
Suzanne Phillips's article in Psychology Today builds on research by Linda Hartling and Clark McCauley to discuss the link between humiliation and gun violence (June 13, 2022).

Following the Uvalde, Texas shooting and other mass shootings in the U.S., the author explores how humiliation—a profound relational violation—can put some individuals on a pathway to violence: "For school shooters, humiliation fuels violence and gun access fuels killing."
Now Available!
Dignity for Deeply Forgetful People
How Caregivers Can Meet the Challenge of
Alzheimer's Disease by Stephen Post
Stephen Post offers new perspectives on the worth and dignity of people with Alzheimer's and related disorders. At a time when medical advances to cure these conditions are still out of reach, Stephen Post suggests that focusing discussion and resources on the relational dignity of these individuals and the respite needs of their caregivers is vital.
Joyful Classroom Management
New Turkish Book for Teachers by Hayal Köksal
Hayal Köksal shares her latest book, in Turkish, describing her special approach to classroom management. She offers strategies for making lessons enjoyable by integrating drama, dance, games, and music. She plans to start a training program based upon the philosophy and steps of “Joyful Classroom Management.” The book can be ordered through Amazon...
Project Save the World
Metta Spencer Interviews Evelin Lindner and Linda Hartling about the Study of Humiliation
Lifelong Peace activist and researcher Metta Spencer interviewed Evelin Lindner and Linda Hartling on July 7th about their research on humiliation and how it led to the formation of today's HumanDHS community. They discussed how humiliation deeply damages relationships, creating wounds that may trigger violence and war.
A Gift for You!
Poster by
Gomes de Matos
Please enjoy this Positiveness Poster from Francisco Gomes de Matos. Francisco is a peace linguist from Recife, Brazil ABA Global Education and co-founder of the World Dignity University initiative. He was nominated for the 2021 Teacher of Peace Award by Pax Christi U.S.A. Please view his remarkable video biography here (Portuguese).

Please click on the poster to download a PDF. Please also see Francisco's inspirational book, Dignity—A Multidimensional View, available from Dignity Press.
Dignity in Higher Education
Director David Yamada is formulating exciting plans for the World Dignity University (WDU) initiative. The WDU is developing a new electronic platform, updating its website, and preparing plans to offer initial programming.

The WDU initiative was launched in 2011, fueled by a vision of creating a "global role model of excellence in scholarship, dignifying dialogue, and intellectual cooperation that ensures the survival of humankind on this planet."
Book or tree of knowledge concept with an oak tree growing from an open book and letters flying from the pages
Director David Yamada is a law professor at Suffolk University Law School in Boston and a regular participant in our annual HumanDHS workshops. He is looking forward to working all who have expressed enthusiasm and interest in the WDU initiative as it unfolds. To keep up with the latest developments, please follow our upcoming Dignity Letters and visit the WDU website.

Also, please enjoy the following samples of David's recent wide-ranging dignity teaching activities that illustrate the learning potential of the WDU initiative:
the popular blog of the New Workplace Institute
New Dignity Press Publications
Dignity Press books explore the dynamics of human dignity and humiliation from diverse standpoints and global perspectives. Contributing authors are from all over the world. In addition to these books below, we invite you to visit for a complete list of publications.
Celebrating! Now in Print and Digital!
Economic Theory and Community Development: Why Putting Community First Is Essential to Our Survival
Congratulations to Howard Richards, with assistance from Gavin Andersson, on his new book that is now globally available in print and digital form!

HumanDHS Board Director Michael Britton celebrates the publication of this book, stating: "The book not only walks us through economics, it is a walk up the mount to transformative vision, transformative for readers and for the world as it is." Please read more. This book can be ordered through Dignity Press here.
Coming Soon!
From Humiliation to Dignity:
For a Future of Global Solidarity
Even as we watch cascading crises unfold around the world, our shared hope is for an exponential change of heart so that global unity — rooted in respect for diversity — becomes possible.

Evelin Lindner's soon to be released book asks the question: How must we, humankind, arrange our affairs on this planet so that dignified life will be possible in the long term? We invite you to read a downloadable preview of this book. Please also visit the Dignity Press website for its upcoming release.
Save These Dates — 2022 Workshop
2022 Workshop on
"Living Through Humiliating Times:
What Can We Do?"

Thursday – Saturday, December 8 – 10, 2022
11:00 AM – 3:30 PM (New York time)
Special Bonus Sessions, 3:45 – 4:30 PM, Thursday & Friday

— Your personal invitation to register will be sent in September! —
If you would like to reserve your space in advance,
please send a request to:

We wish to express our deepest appreciation to Peter Coleman, Danielle Coon, and the Morton Deutsch-International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR), Teachers College, Columbia University, in New York City. The MD-ICCCR has been our visionary institutional partner since our first workshop in 2003.

Schedule for Our Future Dignity Conferences!
Global Dignity Conferences:
Continuing Our Connections
and Collaborations!

We are continuously adapting the schedule of our upcoming Dignity Conferences. We are deeply thankful to all of the hosts for their ongoing support and generous flexibility!

You are warmly invited to one or both of our upcoming conferences. Thank you for visiting our conference webpage regularly to follow the latest plans as they unfold.
A Warm Welcome to Our Future Dignity Conferences!

Please click on the links and pictures below to see the latest information on each of these gatherings.
If you would like to participate, there is no registration fee. Please send us a message introducing yourself. Thanks for including your contact information and tell us more about your interest.
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Evelin Lindner, MD, PhDs, Founding President
Linda Hartling, PhD, Director
Uli Spalthoff, PhD, Director of Project Development and Systems Administration 
Michael Britton, EdD, PhD, Board Member 
Richard Slaven, PhD, Director of Dignifunding
Jane Hilken, MA, Publication Advisor
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