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Evelin basically dislikes taking pictures or posing for pictures, however, has been persuaded by the HumanDHS network members, particularly by Judit Révèsz, that she should make an effort. The reason is that pictures offer an easily accessible way to document her work, in the spirit of what now has become known as "blog." These pictures are thus meant to share Evelin's efforts and whereabouts with the HumanDHS network (many photos are made by accidental bypassers, kindly asked to take a picture). Evelin is willing to make an effort not least to honor Judit Révèsz, who kindly gave her a camera as a gift.

A note with regard to the permission to upload pictures with people other than Evelin:
We only upload pictures on the HumanDHS website for which we have received permission. During our conferences, for example, we always ask for permission.
This page serves as a preliminary showroom. It is only linked to the main web site and accessible to the public when no permission is pending. By using this page as a preliminary showroom, the person who has been asked for permission can form a comprehensive impression of what he or she is giving permission for. We have received legal advice that this procedure provides the most comprehensive information on which to base a permission.
Everybody who is depicted on this picture page, please let us know if you have changed your mind and no longer wish to have your picture included on these pages. Then we will remove your picture as soon as we can. Thank you for your kind understanding!

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Evelin's pictures